Welcome to the Site of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Ministry of Trade always opens the door to information regarding various trade policies and activities to the entire community.

We consider it important to convey the broad development of the trade sector to all levels of society and other stakeholders because the trade sector is one of the important sectors in economic activity.

In this connection, the Ministry of Trade is trying to improve information service facilities through the Ministry of Trade's Website. This site is designed to meet the needs of trade sector stakeholders by including information on trade policies, the latest data on Indonesian trade activities, activities related to the Trade Sector, profiles of the Ministry of Trade, and other informative matters.

The process of improving the Ministry of Trade's site is continuously carried out in stages. The initial stage of the Site is to publish the things mentioned above, followed by the next stage by making reciprocal links to the community through the "contact us" column. We will process every question, of course, through the existing procedures. The next stage of development is to provide web-based on-line services.

The development of the stage is now at the third stage, but time is still needed in its development considering this is related to the development of the on-line service system itself.

Based on our evaluation, users not only come from within the country, but also from abroad. Therefore in the next stage, it will be complemented with other foreign language content besides English.

We consider that a site is never perfect, according to the demands of various users, for that we expect input and views from users of the Ministry of Commerce's site regarding features and other aspects. We will make that input and view your enthusiasm and important capital in continuously improving this site.


Minister of Trade