World Craft Council (WCC) Award of Excellence for Handicraft 2014

22 Apr-30 Jul 2014
World Craft Council (WCC) Award of Excellence for Handicraft 2014


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 The WCC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts 2014:

A Golden Opportunity for Indonesian Artisans to be Internationally Recognized


Jakarta, 22 April 2014

– World Crafts Council (WCC) Award of Excellence for Handicrafts was launched today (Tuesday 22/4) at the Ministry of Trade Office, Jakarta. The launch event was attended by various representatives of communities/institutions/foundations fostering crafts, namely representatives of UNESCO Jakarta, the Chairman of the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, and representatives of the Indonesia National AHPADA Chapter. The event featured a talk show with the Indonesian Vice Minister of Trade, Bayu Krisnamurthi, as expert source along with the Daily Chairwoman of Dekranas (National Handicraft Council), Okke Hatta Rajasa, and Senior Vice President WCC Asia Pacific,  Edric Ong.

 “The WCC Award is an internationally prestigious award of works of artisans aimed at encouraging them to create excellent works in terms of quality, design, originality, and innovation so as to preserve our cultural heritage,” said Vice Trade Minister Bayu Krisnamurthi. Besides that, the products they create should also be competitive so that they can be accepted by the market domestically and internationally, so that in the end these works can increase the welfare of the artisans. 
This year, Indonesia, in this case the National Handicraft Council (Dekranas) in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, for the first time, has been entrusted to be the host of the judging of the WCC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts. “This appointment is an honor bestowed by the world to Indonesia for our ability to hold international scale events. Of course, we have to prepare for this event well, “said Vice Trade Minister Bayu. The WCC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts will be taken part by handicraft products from countries divided into 3 sub-regions, namely South East Asia, South Asia, and Asia Pacific.

 “The holding of the WCC Award in Indonesia means a lot for both Indonesia and the WCC, considering that this is the first time the WWC Award is held, which is a continuation to the UNESCO Award. Besides that is the fact that the participants are coming from 3 sub-regions, usually they only come from 1 or 2 sub-regions,” said Edric Ong. Therefore, there will be a lot more development of handcraft products from participating countries that we can learn about.

Okke Hatta Rajasa added, “Dekranas in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade are ready to be the host of the WCC Award. We have prepared the WCC Award secretariat that is ready to make this event a success. Besides that, Dekranas has also held the Dekranas Award in 2013 from which the award recipients will be entered into the WWC Award 2014. The judging of the Dekranas Award also followed to same mechanism for the judging of the UNESCO Award, so it is hoped that it could increase the number of WWC Award recipients.” Therefore, in the end it is hoped that this event would increase Indonesia’s image as a country capable of producing quality, creative, and innovative handicraft products. At the WCC Award, Indonesia will also send the recipients of the Inacraft Award Year 2013 and 2014. Certainly, Indonesian artisans must be able to take advantage of this event to its maximum extent.
The evaluation/judging of the event will take place on 18-22 August 2014 at the Ministry of Trade Office. The jury consisting of experts in the field of handicrafts, design, and marketing will comprise six experts from various countries and one from Indonesia. As for the announcement of the winners, it is scheduled to take place on 1 September 2014. The recipients of the WCC Award will be promoted by the WCC, by way of facilitating them in participating in the exhibition in Dogyang, China, at the event to commemorate the WWC’s 50th Anniversary.

For Indonesia, handicraft products are one of the potential export products that needs to be continuously developed, for both the domestic and the export market. Various strategic efforts have been continuously made, namely through product diversification that is supported by market diversification through various programs that include, among others, increase of added value through enhancement of quality and design, protection of intellectual property rights, brand creation and strengthening, and also promotional activities domestically and abroad.

The WWC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts a continuation to the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts, which has been held since 2001. The last UNESCO Award was held in Kuching, Malaysia in 2012. At that time, Indonesia sent 31 of its best works and 18 of them succeeded in winning the award. However, since 2013, UNESCO is no longer concentrating on the UNESCO Award event, choosing to focus on other priority programs. In relation to that, in 2014 the UNESCO Award will be continued by the WWC through The WCC Award of Excellence for Handicrafts under UNESCO’s patronage.

Indonesia’s Handicraft Exports in Brief

Based on data by Statistics Indonesia (BPS) processed by the Ministry of Trade, in 2009-2013 Indonesia’s handcraft exports experienced a positive growth of 4.61% per year, with the total export value of Indonesian handicrafts in 2013 recorded at USD 669.16 million.

Exports of Indonesian handicraft products include, among others, wooden ornaments such as statuettes (HS 4420) with an export value of USD 98.9 million (14.79%); basketwork and wickerwork (HS 4602) with a value of USD 69.57 million (10.4%); wooden frames (HS 4414) with a value of USD 51.48 million (7.69%), and handcraft housewares (HS 9603) with an export value of USD 37.72 million (5.64%). 

The main export destination for Indonesian handicraft products in 2013 were the United States with an export value of USD 301.29 million and an export market reaching 45.03%; Japan with an export value of USD 76.4 million (11.42%); the United Kingdom with an export value of USD 29.02 million (4.34%) followed by Germany with an export value of USD 25.4 million (3.8%); ad Hong Kong with an export value of USD 21.28 million (3.18%). The export trend of handicraft products to Hong Kong was also quite high reaching 94.9%.

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